Радиостанция jet live инструкция

радиостанция jet live инструкция
You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can skip to the end and leave a response. With contractor Julius Bergen, he founded Quincy Radio Labs and built speaker boxes for radios. Changing the Freeflight Scenario To customize your flight’s weather, location, and more, tap the icons along the bottom of the Freeflight screen.

Tap the “working,” “could fail,” or “failed” buttons to set up equipment failures or emergency situations to happen never, occasionally, or immediately. Figure 18: Close-up on an ILS Using the Map Figure 19: The map available during Freeflight Tapping your aircraft will show information on its current heading, speed, and altitude. Otherwise, tap “Freeflight,” swipe to pick an aircraft, then tap the white plane icon in the bottom right corner to begin flying. Customize the weather or set up equipment failures to make your encounters more challenging.

Drag a finger around the screen to look around. All tutorials are unlocked as part of the free download. Tom Fletcher of the QRS Company was so impressed by Lear’s radio set designed around a QRS rectifier tube that he hired him, offering 60% more pay than Universal Battery.

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