Велосипед super инструкция

велосипед super инструкция
The Super 73 battery recharges from empty to a full charge in 3.5 hours. Also on those lazy days, you can simply use the throttle lever and ride without pedaling at all. The files are rather large so please be patient.

The seat is well cushioned with leather stitching that make it very comfortable. Has side view mirrors, LED headlights, storage compartments, locking gas tank, storage rack and seats two people. The x20 comes equipped with a digital speedometer that displays your speed, RPM, millage, temperature, fuel gauge, and time. Powered by a high performance 1000 watt electric motor and our custom engineered motor controller, the Super 73 is an absolute blast to ride! Also, you can unlock your battery and take it with you anywhere. So you can leave your bike parked outside, while your battery is recharging inside your office, home, or apartment.

The frame is custom painted in colour of body on some colours. Since we build the bikes to order, you can also choose to have your bike in any color you want. The Mongoose owner’s manual contains important safety, performance and maintenance information. Handling is kept tight and responsive thanks to its race-proven R32 CAD tubular frame.

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