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Our revolutionary Pre-Soaking Powerball® bursts into action to scrub away the toughest food residues like dried on food like lasagna and oatmeal. Finish ополаскиватель автомати�ески подается при каждой мойке на этапе ополаскивания. Мы рекомендуем заполнять дозатор ополаскивателем Finish ежемесячно. Our powerful tabs give you an amazing clean and shine – which means you’ll never have to re-wash your dishes ever again. All you have to do is scrape the larger pieces into the trash and load your dishwasher. *Source: Department of Energy, www.energystar.gov Watch dishwashing myths get busted What can I put into my dishwasher? A lot of people have misconceptions about what they can put in a dishwasher.

Use one fully dissolving tablet per wash load. Как применять таблетки для посудомоечных машин Finish Quantum Блеск и Защита? Bleach fights tough stains like tea and coffee, and enzymes breakdown proteins and starches. Once the time has elapsed, the blue LED will illuminate continuously. Close dishwasher door, then set dishwasher to heavy wash (pots & pans, sani, etc.) cycle. Чтобы получить блестящий результат, попробуйте новый Finish Quantum Блеск и Защита!

Place one pre-measured capsule in the main detergent cup and close.* It is important that both Quantum® and the detergent cup are dry. The most exciting thing is that it is so quiet. Learn more about Finish® Jet-Dry® Rinse Aid How does Finish® Jet-Dry® Rinse Aid work? Моющее средство для посудомоечной машины необходимо хранить в сухом месте. For best results use 50 / 55 °C or auto programs. Find out how to use Finish® All In 1 Detergent — Fresh Scent Learn how to store your dishwasher detergent from our experts Customer Rating.

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