Проектор lv-s3 canon инструкция

проектор lv-s3 canon инструкция
Any broken shards found should be cleaned up carefully. No one should check the inside of the projector except those who are authorized trained technicians and who are familiar with projector service. Page 13: Positioning The Projector, Adjustable Feet Picture tilt and projection angle can be adjusted by rotating the adjustable feet. Page 3: Safety Instructions Do not use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer as they may cause hazards. Do not place this projector on an unstable cart, stand, or table. The proper AC power cord must be used.

Point buttons to move the red frame pointer to IMAGE ADJUST Menu icon. Use only with a cart or stand recommended by the manufacturer, or sold with the projector. Page 42: Warning Indicator Maintenance Warning Indicator The WARNING indicator shows the state of the function which protects the projector. Lift the front of the projector and pull the feet lock latches on the both sides of the projector. Page 12: Preparation, Connecting The Ac Power Cord Stand-by Mode and consumes a little electric power. NOTE ON THE POWER CORD The AC Power Cord must meet the requirements of the country where you use the projector.

Page 16: Connecting To Video Equipment (such as DVD player or high-definition TV source.) Audio Output S-VIDEO Audio Cable Cable ✽ (stereo) ✽ SERVICE PORT AUDIO Note: When connecting the cable, the power cords of both the projector and the external equipment should disconnected from AC outlet. Page 37 When this function is “On,” picture is top / bottom and left / right reversed. Page 29: Screen Size Adjustment Screen Size Adjustment This projector has a picture screen resize function, which enables you to display the desirable image size. Standard Normal picture adjustment preset on this projector. Refer to the following pages regarding each adjustment and setting procedure.

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