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Depending on the destination, some standards and regulations apply to the product only when including controller. This is to allow electrical continuity between the coated cover and printer frame. As shown in the figure above, one of the screws securing the Rear Right Cover has a washer. Hook Left Cover Screw disoe Figure 4-8. Left Cover Removal When installing the Left Cover to the printer frame, be sure to set the reinforcing plate between them and fasten the screws. Always dis- played in English regardless of the Lang setting in the Setup Menu.

When the power supply fan lock signal becomes active for 0.5 seconds, the printer detects that power supply fan motor is abnormal. Operating Principles Printing Process EPSON AcuLaser C2000 Revision C Waste Toner Full Sensd When waste toner is low. Initialization of EEPROM Turn on the power while pressing the On Line + Continue + Menu selection switches. Close the Front cover and the error will be canceled automatically. n Clean Sensor Explanation The window of sensor for engine calibration is soiled. LED The On Line LED and Continue LED are off.

Product Descriptions Control Panel EPSON AcuLaser C2000 Revision C Tray Menu MP Type, LCI Type, LC2 Type This specifies the type of paper set in the IVIP tray, LCI/2 Cassette. One Touch Setting Mode 1 LED (E) n On: OneTouch mode 1 is enabled. Close the Front cover and the error will be canceled automatically. The printer feeds the top sheet of paper.

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