Panasonic sa ak 48 инструкция

panasonic sa ak 48 инструкция
Удивительно, как со временем меняются предпочтения. 15 лет назад мне хотелось купить музыкальный центр больше, чем новый компьютер. Я даже не догадывался, что комплект из отдельных компонентов — это гораздо качественнее. You can also download and print the manual Panasonic SA-AK48 to place it in your drawer. For procedures to set the trays in “STOCK” position, please refer to (5.3 Setting the Tray In “STOCK” position for CRS1 Service Manual order no. MD0509368C0) Step 1: Press and hold the plunger lever and rotate the gear as arrows shown until it stop. Press [ ] on main unit for next error. F01 Reel pulse abnormal For deck mechanism unit. Step 3 Lift the sides of top cabinet outwards. Step 1 If a cassette tape cannot be removed from the deck (the tape is caught by the capstan or pinch roller during playback or recording), rotate the flywheel F in the direction of the arrow to remove it.

Press [ ] on main unit for next error. 9.4.2. Error Code Table For CD Changer Block Error Code Diagnosis Contents Description of error Automatic FL Display Remarks F15 RESET SW abnormal REST SW: ON is not detected within the specified time. Step 4 Push the top cabinet backwards to release catches. Внизу к большому радиатору прикручен усилитель мощности, а на переднем плане виден блок питания. Только при подаче напряжения на стабиллитрон стало понятно что проблема в нем.

Мелкий карандаш застрял между шестернями, вращающими диск ченджера. Note: Ensure 2 claws located at the bottom chassis is seated into the 2 slots at bottom of front panel at 2 catches (one on each side) of bottom chassis to be aligned to front panel’s slot. See manual for full list of formats supported *Supported formats include AVI, ASF, MP3, JPEG and others. The content of abnormality can be confirmed in the abnormal detection mode explained in the later section.

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