Инструкция двигатель caterpillar c7

инструкция двигатель caterpillar c7
Expanded to 6.7 liters for 2007, the I-6 Diesel comes with 8 standard and optional horsepower ratings, and two vocational ratings.[5] In 2012, Ford introduced gasoline and gas (propane) engines for its duty trucks. For the first time, Ford offered the SuperCab on the medium-duty line; it was also available with 4 doors as well as all other Ford SuperCab trucks. The medium-duty engines uses a single turbocharger, and the heavy-duty engines use two turbochargers working in series. The reduction of sulfur levels in ULSD means less lubricity, so circulating the fuel rapidly at high pressure keeps heat down. The head was named “cross-flow” and revolutionized the airflow of the engine.

The volume of oil that is supplied by the HPOP is controlled by an electronic regulator. Featuring premium aluminum construction with durable metallic powder-coating, the bold styling of Borla’s C7 Diffuser enhances the Stingray’s rear view. The C7 used two different pistons depending on its horsepower. There are provisions on the left side of the cylinder head for the high-pressure fuel lines. Most of these engines see a service life of around 500,000 miles. In researching this article, Bill Wessel and others at Jasper Engines and Transmissions in Jasper, IN, explained that they have taken on production of the Cat C7 to meet the changing needs of the diesel engine aftermarket. The ECU was upgraded from a 40 pin to a 70 pin connection.

This cross-flow design changed the swirl characteristics of the cylinder head and was a big factor in improving power and combustion on this diesel engine. The only visible part shared with previous-generation models were the headlight/turn signal clusters. The 3126 could be found in GMC, Ford and Freightliner trucks, Thomas and other school buses, recreational vehicles and smaller emergency vehicles. It was also offered in off-road applications as well in excavators, skidders, motor graders, industrial, and marine. There is a short one-piece aluminum piston for 210 hp and below engines that incorporates a smaller 1.5? diameter wristpin.

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