Electrolux eog 621 инструкция

electrolux eog 621 инструкция
Reheat food in the usual way or in a microwave. Page 16: Baking Trays And Dishes E O G 9 0 0 Baking trays and dishes For your safety Never place cooking dishes, trays and so on over the oven burner. For your safety Never cover the grill pan or grid with foil as this can lead to grill fires. Some foods such as pastry and biscuits are not suitable for slow cooking because the temperature is too low. However any approved hose of the correct length can be used. IMPORTANT: Flexible tubing used must comply with BS 669 current editions.

Фасад стеклянный коричневый 14440 с рисунком под мрамор. Check that the oven is switched on at the wall and allow the cooling fan to cool the oven down. Check Check that the oven is switched on at the wall. Problem The oven or grill will not light. Page 39: Installation INSTALLATION FITTING THE APPLIANCE AND CABINET It is recommended that a /8″ 1100mm long angle bayonet flexible hose (B.F.S.) and a ½» straight socket (B.F.S.) be used for the installation.

Page 16: Baking Trays And Dishes Condensation Condensation may form on the oven. Heat Input Injector Marking OVEN Burner Sheet metal construction mounted transversely at rear of oven. During this period an odour may be emitted, it is therefore advisable to open a window for ventilation. Allow the oven burner to light and gas flow open up to full rate.

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