Инструкция реймарин драгонфлай

You can purchase a separate sun cover, or mount it on your boat under an awning so you can get the best images. The chirp sonar depth range is also 300 feet deeper than the competitors. Vous voulez voir cette page en français ? Cliquez ici. CDN$ 987.35 + CDN$ 39.36 shipping Usually ships within 4 to 5 days. Posted by Ted Ison 5 I love the Dragonfly! I’ve spent years fishing off the coasts of Northern California, mostly for rockfish and salmon. Even a newbie shouldn’t have any trouble using it.My two complaints are 1) that this isn’t just a push-the-button-and-go device. Wally World did not sell the 7 pro with the NAV+ card.

Hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the unit on, and hold the powerbutton for 4 seconds to turn it off. With a 10″ tablet I could used the dragonfly as a stand alone potter and used the tablet for a dual view sonar/downscan. I went to the big box store and looked at all the 7 inch units with a plotter, sonar, and downscan. Features The display is the latest optical-bonding LCD technology featuring brighter colors, sharper contrasts, and all-weather performance guaranteed not to fog up on cold mornings. You can get a great deal on Raymarine Dragonfly 7 PRO here.

You can even see the fish when using down image, they show as small specks of light in the display. I bought the one without Navionics Gold card and then bought Hotmaps Premium separately. Even in the dark and fog, the Navionics charting helps to keep you from getting lost. The unit is easy to learn. I was able to figure most of the settings out without having to look at the manual. С эхолотом модели Raymarine Dragonfly Wi-Fish вы получаете новый ясный взгляд на подводный мир на глубине до 183 метров. With Raymarine Dragonfly Pro-5, boaters can avoid underwater obstacles, shallow water and hidden water logged trees that are lying just under the surface.With detailed screen images, fishermen can fish where the fish are.

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