Whirlpool awg 218 инструкция

whirlpool awg 218 инструкция
The replacement period for the maintenance parts is informed by the «Samsung Printer Status» program. Or if your machine supports display screen, a message is displayed in the display screen. You can set the time to hold the temporarily stopped job. Change or modifications not expressly approved by the manufacturer responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. This utility program allows you to select a network interface and manually configure the IP addresses for use with the TCP/IP protocol. • Customize machine settings. • See «IPv4 configuration using SetIP (Windows)» on page 127. • Set the email notification option. Therefore, the user must maintain a minimum distance of 20 cm from the antenna at all times.

Select Network Connected Printer (Wired or Wireless) on the Printer Connection Type and click Continue. Wait a few seconds for the Samsung Mobile Print app to start. 3 4 5 Select device status icon. Exposed adhesive can also cause damage to machine components. • Do not run a sheet of labels through the machine more than once. Application • Application Management: You can uninstall or enable/disable installed applications. • Install New Application: You can install a new application from a USB. BYOD Connection Specifies whether or not users can connect personal devices to the machine. Description This command provides a way to remove only specified printer instance from your system without effecting other printer drivers. It will not remove printer driver files from your system. Select the option you want. • Language: Change the language that is displayed on the control panel. • Date & Time: You can set the time and date.

Toner dust can be dangerous if inhaled or ingested. • Do not wash the supplies. • For a waste toner bottle, do not reuse it after emptying the bottle. If you do not follow the instructions above, it may cause machine malfunction and environmental pollution. Item Description Configuration Prints a report on the machine’s overall configuration. Type in the below default ID and password. We recommend you to change the default password for security reasons. • ID: admin • Password: sec00000 • You can also set the DHCPv6. • To manually set the IPv6 address: Check the Manual Address check box.

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