Toshiba vf s11 инструкция

toshiba vf s11 инструкция
Page 58 E6581158 4.2.1 How to set the basic parameters All of the basic parameters can be set by the same step procedures. [Steps in key entry for basic parameters] * Parameters were factory-set by default Switches to the setting monitor mode. MODE before shipment. Page 24 How to operate the VF-S11 Overview of how to operate the inverter with simple examples. Power supply and motor connections Power supply VF-S11 Power lines are Motor lines are connected to R/L1, S/L2 and T/L3. connected to U/T1, V/T2 and W/T3. Page 40: Control Circuit Terminals E6581158 Power circuit Terminal symbol Terminal function Grounding terminal for connecting inverter. Parameters can be divided into 4 major categories. Mandatory Every single-phase 240V/three-phase 500V model has a built-in high-attenuation noise filter, which is grounded through a capacitor.

Input/output parameters 6.1.1 Low-speed signal : Low-speed signal output frequency • Function When the output frequency exceeds the setting of an ON signal will be generated. Page 23: Notes On The Application Notes on the application 1.4.1 Motors When the VF-S11 and the motor are used in conjunction, pay attention to the following items. Each time an attempt to write data is made the inverter checks whether the data falls within the specified range. The CE mark must be put on every final product that includes an inverter(s) and a motor(s). The VF-S11 series of inverters complies with the EMC directive if an EMI filter recommended by Toshiba is connected to it and wiring is carried out correctly. Turn the locking screw on the right side of the front panel 90˚ Pull the front panel toward you counterclockwise to align the dot on the screw with the unlock and swing it open to the left.

Page 148 E6581158 Setting procedure Adjust the following parameters: : Set the compensation gain for the slipping of the motor. A higher slip frequency reduces motor slipping correspondingly. Disassembly prohibited • Don’t stick your fingers into openings such as cable wiring hole and cooling fan covers. Page 131: Retry Function E6581158 [When power is interrupted] * The time for which the operation of the motor can be Input voltage continued depends on the machine inertia and load conditions. Wiring PA/+ PC/- Motor MCCB R/L1 U/T1 S/L2 V/T2 Noise Power circuit filter T/L3 W/T3 Braking Run forward circuit signal backward signal Common Parameter setting Title Function Programmed value… Page 30 E6581160 Operation frequency setting, running and stopping using external Ex.4 signals.

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